What did you think of General Convention 2010?
5th Aug 2010 9.16am

Was this year's General Convention the best in recent years?

5th Aug 2010 9.18pm

Hi Errol,

Convention has been a blessing much better than recent previous years.


I enjoyed Saturday, but would love to see the youth 'step up to the mark' and begin to worship God and those who have not made that decision to serve God look at where they are heading!


The message Sunday morning..excellent.


The mass choir...what can I say! Sis Angela and choir members..considering only two practices!!! 'all the glory must be to the Lord'.


Dinner Saturday was 'the bomb' God bless sis Jennifer and her team.





6th Aug 2010 6.21pm

"Dinner Saturday was 'the bomb' God bless sis Jennifer and her team." Lol very true.


Overal it was a blessing one of the best I have attended in the past 11 years.


The mass choir!!! what a blessing!   


8th Aug 2010 9.55pm

Today (Sunday, 8th August), I received (via Evangelist Margaret Seaton, AFB Luton) a wonderful comment from one of our younger church brethen:


Kelsey Ashton, aged 10, when asked how she enjoyed the Sunday of General Convention replied "It was outstanding".


To God be all the glory, To God be all the praise!


Bro Errol Vassell

AFB Battersea  

8th Aug 2010 10.21pm

Hi Everyone,


I thought convention was really really good this year.

I enjoyed the mass choir, the preachers and the fellowship with my friends from Birmingham and other places I am looking forward to next year which will be our 50th anniversary.


Danielle Vassell

AFB Battersea

19th Aug 2010 10.49am

Hi Everyone


I only attended Convention on Saturday, but really enjoyed it, the topic on True Worship made me really think about what it was to be a true worshipper.


The Choir was excellent, 2 practices imaging if they had more.


The PA was poor, some of the exaultations were not clear through the PA although those further up could here much better.


Dinner on Saturday was good, made a great change. Keep up the good work Sis Jennifer and the team. It's hard work but you shall receive your reward.



AFB Kings Heath

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